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Bitcoin mixer

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Bitcoin transactions can be made anonymously. Use the most trusted bitcoin mixer (tumbler) to protect your identity

How Bitcoin Mixer works:

Step 1

Enter Your Withdrawal Bitcoin Address:

You will need to give the Bitcoin address where your coins will be sent before you can mix them. This is the address that allows the mixer to add your coins into the pool.

Verify that the address is correct to ensure that the mixing process does not get stalled for more than a second.

Step 2

Send your original bitcoins to the Mixer Address:

Once you have entered your withdrawal Bitcoin address, choose the amount of BTC that you wish to mix. The minimum amount of BTC that you can mix is 0.01BTC. You must send your coins to the mixer address to get them into the mixer. Once they are verified, they will be considered valid for mixing.

Step 3

Get Untraceable and Clean Bitcoins:

When you receive your coins clean, this is the final stage in the mixing process. We notify users immediately after their coins join the pool, and when they are delivered to their address.

You can be sure that your mix service will always hold untraceable bitcoins.

Why choose Bitcoin-Blender ?

No logs:

Our priority is your anonymity. We have privacy policies that protect your identity. We also delete all transaction records within 24 hours of your order being fulfilled.

Untraceable mixing:

Block chain analysis and other research cannot list our mixer. All your coins are therefore protected and cannot be traced.

Secure connection:

Our servers are all impenetrable. They are located in special data centers that allow us to remain immune to attacks.

Low fees:

You can get discounts for regular usage of our service, which ranges from 1% to 5%.


Our TOR website adequately encrypts your transactions and locations so that no information is ever shared with anyone else.

No Registration:

No personal information or private information is required for our mixing service. To mix your coins with our service, you don't need to create an account.

What is (Tumbler)? allows users to mix their BTC and protect their identity. This service is specialized in anonymizing your Bitcoin transactions. By making Bitcoin's pseudo anonymity true and complete anonymity, we take you one step ahead.

Mixing your Bitcoin with Bitcoin Mixer involves sending your desired amount of Bitcoin to our pool, where coins from different users can be mixed. To ensure that the mixing process goes smoothly, you must provide the correct sending and receiving address. Our website interface is simple to use and TOR-friendly. Your transactions are your business.

You will also receive clean, new coins after the mixing process are complete. You can make purchases, send money, and even send money without being traced with our untraceable bitcoins.

We specialize in mixing Bitcoins and have many pools that cover both low-value and high-value BTC. These pools have different service fees, but they all charge random fees. This makes our BTC transactions unpredictable.

Our willingness to provide anonymous and secure Bitcoin transactions is the defining feature of our service. Our state-of the-art technology ensures maximum privacy and speed so you don't have to question our authenticity.

Are you looking for more reasons to use to help you make your decision? Do you have any questions about mixing services? For more information, please consult our FAQ or contact our support center for assistance.

Our mixing service is well-received by our clients, who are satisfied with all transactions. Mix your coins with to enjoy the simple process of Bitcoin blending. is fast:

You have the option to decide if your bitcoins should be credited as soon as possible or if you should wait. Your privacy is further enhanced by a delayed or randomized payout. This makes it impossible to analyze the time correlation between the payout and paying process. means privacy:

We do not require any personal information. It is not necessary to provide an email address. All details related to the mixing process will be automatically deleted after it is complete. This mixing process will be kept secret from anyone. –friendly: works 24 hours a day and is optimized for maximum efficiency. However, there may be times when you have a question or need our assistance with something else. Send us a message and we'll take care of it. is responsive: is available on all platforms. You'll have a lot of fun. dynamic layout and content loader make delays disappear. Our interactive mobile layout makes it possible to mix coins on the move with our interactive mobile layout. was created with experience:

Because we are passionate coders, our team put their efforts into design and sophisticated mixing algorithms. We love the idea and freedom of decentralized currencies and everyone having the ability to decide what privacy they want. This is what we believe today.


What is Bitcoin Mixing?

Bitcoin mixing is the process of mixing coins from different users through a mixing service. This allows you to remain anonymous while still able to make secure transactions.

You can mix, tumble, or shuffle coins with a third-party software system. This will ensure privacy and virtually untraceable donations, purchases, or exchanges. Bitcoin mixing services have the ultimate goal to destroy the link between your receiving address and your withdrawal address so that your Bitcoin wallet can't be traced.

How long does it take to mix the ingredients?

Your preferred custom delay will determine the timing of the mixing process. Your custom delay can be anywhere from 30 minutes up to 1200 minutes. You can set your own delay to suit your requirements at the time of your transaction. You can choose when your coins will arrive by using the time delay feature. Because you can choose the time, it is difficult to track your coins to a particular timeline.

Network confirmations are another important aspect to consider. Before moving coins from the destination address to the sending address, the Bitcoin mixer will often need to confirm the transaction.

After the confirmations are over, your coins will be added to the pool and tumbled. You'll then receive newer coins. The network confirmations may be affected by the volume of your Bitcoin.

How many network confirmations are required for a Bitcoin mixer to accept transactions

How many network confirmations are required for a Bitcoin mixer to accept transactions

This doesn't apply to all Bitcoin mixers. These verifications are used to ensure that the coins have not been altered on gambling sites or other similar platforms. The confirmations are completed and the transaction is approved.

How long can an incoming address stay active?

After that, the incoming address will be invalid for 48 hours. The user will have to provide another address. You can only use this address for one transaction. This 2-day window is why it is so important to keep your transactions unique.

Is it possible to use my incoming address again?

Only one transaction can be made with a single incoming address. You can only use one incoming address to start a transaction.

After the transaction is complete, you can't use the incoming address again. The mixer will not process any second transaction that is deemed an error.

How can you ensure privacy for mixer users

The mixer has a strict no-log policy which means that all client information is deleted. This ensures that your transactions are kept private. All your transaction information is deleted from our servers within 24 hours after a successful mixing order creation.

Our site is also SSL protected, so it can't be hacked or maligned. All coins are secure and untraceable. You can be sure that your coins are safe.

What is the minimal amount of BTC I can mix?

Mixing service allows you to mix as little as 0.01BTC.

Any amount less than 0.01BTC is accepted as a donation.

What happens if I send less than 0.01BTC to Mixer?

Any amount below 0.01BTC will be rejected by the Bitcoin mixer. It will therefore be accepted as a donation for the mixer's services.

How long will the mixer take to clean Bitcoins?

Clean Bitcoins are usually available through our service. The cleansing process doesn't take much time and won't slow down or affect your mixing.

You only need to specify the time delay you want (which can be between 30 and 1200 minutes). All users are encouraged to customize their time delay as it will determine when your coins arrive. It also prevents you from being seen during any Block chain analysis.

Do logs need to be stored?

We don't store logs and do not request personal information from our clients. Our algorithm permanently erases all transaction histories once the order conditions are met.

Do you keep support form requests?

Any form requests that are sent to us will be deleted. These forms often contain information that can be linked to an individual user.

We ensure complete privacy for our clients by deleting any support forms once an issue has been resolved.

What are your service charges?

Transaction fees can range from 1% up to 5% depending on how many coins you want to mix. Our fees are also random.

Unpredictable service fees, also known as randomized fees, can further confuse criminals who may want to know the mixer a user selects.

Fixed fees make it easier for researchers to identify the missing link between the amount they are investigating and the transaction fees.

Why is a mixer charged a random fee?

It is generally more difficult to track randomized fees. Researchers, hackers, criminals, and criminals might try to track down the owners of Bitcoins. They may look for similarities in the fees charged by a mixer with the amount sent out by users.

However, randomized fees can be more complicated to determine.

Is your mixer connected to a TOR network

Yes, our website supports a TOR Browser which is more complicated than Clearnet. Clearnet focuses only on protecting you from criminals, snoopers, but not the legal authorities. The TOR network eliminates all traceable evidence to you. Your identity is protected almost 100% by TOR.

Can I use a VPN to access a website?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN), which is used to mix coins via a mixer, can be used to hide your IP address and any other information about you. The right VPN and the TOR network improve anonymity and encrypt all requests for mixing on the mixer's server.

Mixing activities can be made more secure by hiding your location and activities.

Is this only available to residents of certain countries?

This mixer is not permitted to be used by owners of Bitcoin in Canada or the United States. Different codes are used by different mixers, which might not be accepted or accessible in other parts of the globe.

Is it possible to place a few orders in pieces?

You can mix your coins in smaller amounts than one order. This allows you to receive your coins at different times and takes less risk.

Is it possible to mix large quantities of coins with this service?

This mixer can mix high-volume coins because we have multiple pools for different amounts. We have reserves that can handle large amounts of coin. There is no need to be concerned about your coins being mixed up or returned tainted.

However, service fees for high-value pools will be higher than those for smaller BTC.

What happens if my transaction closes abruptly?

If you have any issues placing an order, please contact our support page. You will get feedback as soon as possible if you provide all of the necessary information. Our team will review the exchange process and take the necessary steps to close the transaction

Is mixing Bitcoins legal?

Different laws apply to Bitcoin in different countries. Some countries allow Bitcoin mixing, while others prohibit the mixing of large amounts of coins.

Before you use our service, we recommend that you verify whether mixing Bitcoin in your country is allowed.

Why is Bitcoin anonymous?

Bitcoin is operated on the Block chain network, which is a public log that records all user activities.

All transactions are visible to all the public so anyone can see your identity, including criminals.

Is it safer for Bitcoin to be used via Bitcoin mixers than anonymous cryptocurrencies?

Mixers with Bitcoin offer more security than anonymous digital currencies, which are still limited and few in their functions. Mixers do not store any personal data and logs but they provide maximum coins pools.

Be sure to read all reviews and clarify any doubts before you finalize your choice of mixing service.