Common mixing mistakes

  • Do not send money from other services directly to the mixer. A mixer address is valid for 24 hours, thus if a 3-rd party service gets late with sending your bitcoins, your mixing will not be done. Here is the correct order of sending funds: You send the funds to your own wallet and after that send it to the mixer's address.
  • Do not use third-party service’s addresses as recipients for mixing, especially if the address has a limited time-to-live period. In case of unexpected network fee growth your outgoing transaction can be late and you will have to turn to the support of the 3-rd party service for refund. First get the result credited to your own wallet and only after that send it to the recipient.
  • To complete the mixing fast enough, do not enter low network fees when you send your bitcoins to the mixer. In case you enter a too low fee the funds can travel several days before they get to the destination address.
  • Save the Letter of Guarantee. With it, you can solve any problems much faster and easier.
  • Do not share your Letter of Guarantee with anyone. It is only Blender support team that you can share its content with.
  • Do not communicate with users who pretend to be the support team of Blender and send you messages first. Blender never send private messages first; this is the behavior only fraudsters stick to.
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