What to do in case the bitcoins are not arrived?

Check the incoming transaction

First, please check if the transaction you sent to the mixer has got three confirmations. To do so, copy the transaction hash, or the mixer address, or the address you sent your BTC from and paste it into a blockchain explorer. In case there are not three confirmations yet, that means the mixer has not received your transaction yet. Wait some more time as the mixing process will take place after the transaction gets three confirmations.

Check the outgoing transaction

In case the transactions sent to the mixer’s address has got three confirmations, check the destination address for incoming transactions. This can be done in a blockchain explorer. To do so, paste the address into the address bar and look for the list of incoming transactions. Please remember that the mixing result will be sent to your address from an unknown address and not the one you sent your coins from. This is the whole point of mixing. In case the block explorer does show your transaction but your wallet does not, it could be a problem with the wallet. Contact the wallet support team.

Check the Guarantee Letter

In case you have a Letter of Guarantee at hand, please check its validity here (or use any other signature validation service). Paste the content between START LETTER OF GUARANTEE and END LETTER OF GUARANTEE in the Message field and the content given between START DIGITAL SIGNATURE and END DIGITAL SIGNATURE - in the Signature field. Paste the service's address into the Address field (it is written in the footer, at the very bottom) of our website. All the fields should be highlighted with green. In case they are not, you could have visited a fishing website that substituted the message. In this case, we strongly recommend to contact the support team for clarification.

Check the destination bitcoin address(es)

Check the destination address in the Letter of Guarantee. Some fishing websites can substitute destination address. That is, the letter itself can be valid while the mixing address can be fraudulent. In this case, the mixing result will be sent to fraudster’s address.

Check the mixer URL in browser

Finally, please check the link you followed to visit the website. The list of trusted and fraudulent links is given in the pinned message of our Telegram chats. While entering a link in the browser address bar please carefully check every symbol of the address.

If everything is ok but still no bitcoins

In case non of the above methods helps, please contact the support team of the Blender. Remember that the representatives of the Blender never send private messages first. When you see a private message from “the service’s” support team, block the user immediately and visit the official chat for help or send a message to the official email address.

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